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Three Catering Dining Styles To Consider For Your Next Event

Whether you are planning a corporate event, a wedding reception, or a graduation party, the food and refreshments offered are one of the most important aspects. Before deciding on a catering service, however, it's best to decide what kind of dining service would be best for your particular event. While the plated dinner remains a popular choice, here are three other styles to consider for your affair.

Cocktail Party

This style dining service has become increasingly popular in recent years. Rather than a formal sit down meal, guests can mingle, enjoying strategically placed delectable morsels and tray-passed hors d'oeuvres. Staffed bartenders will see to your guests' drinks, and you can even feature a signature cocktail.

Pros: This style is ideal for smaller, more intimate events, such as wedding rehearsal dinners or corporate meet-and-greets. The libations create a relaxed environment, perfect for getting to know one another in a relaxed environment.

Cons: While food costs may be lower depending on hors d'oeuvres choices, liquor costs can surpass the typical per person average than other styles.

Self-Serve Buffet

A buffet is the most casual dining style option. It is and excellent choice for fundraisers and business conferences. A buffet allows participants a variety of food to choose from and a more flexible dining schedule than a formal dinner does.

Pros: Serving staff expenses are cut as diners serve themselves. Because of the variety of options, even those with allergies or special diets can still find something to eat.

Cons: People tend to overeat when they serve themselves, so your food costs may be higher than other options. Additionally, the staggered dining times may mean some guests have to wait in line, and more time should be allotted for the dining period in your schedule of events.

Signature Stations

If you have a theme for you event, signature stations can help support that. A chef or other staff mans each station, serving guests to order. For example, you could have a surf and turf station, with prime rib and shrimp, a Spanish tapas station, with assorted small plates of appetizers and snacks, a gourmet macaroni and cheese station, and a baked potato bar.

Pros: Signature stations are fun and lend an air of culinary adventure to guests. It can be an exciting opportunity to try new things. They can have their food prepared just the way they like it, and it is incredibly fresh.

Cons: Multiple food stations will require more staff to man them, and typically, a larger banquet hall is required to ensure proper setup. However, food portions are more controlled than a buffet.

A traditional plated dinner may indeed be the best for your event, but armed with your options, you can better discuss your needs with potential banquet hall caterers. Contact a business, such as Mascaro's Catering, for more information.