Properly Storing Whole Bean Colombian Coffee

If you enjoy drinking Colombian coffee, you have likely thought about storing up whole beans whenever you find they are on sale. There are a few steps to take to ensure the coffee beans remain fresh so they provide you with splendid cups of coffee after they are brewed. Here are steps to take when storing Columbian coffee beans. Use Storage Containers Instead Of Commercial Packaging Most whole coffee beans will not retain their freshness as long as when they are stored in the original packaging a supplier uses to contain them.

Why You Should Host Your Private Group Event at an Italian Restaurant

There are many reasons to host a private group event. You might be looking to treat the employees on your team for doing a great job on a project, or you might want to invite your entire extended family for a nice birthday celebration for someone you love. Hosting your private event in a restaurant is a good way to ensure there is ample space and plenty of food for everyone, but of course, you'll need to choose a restaurant.