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Stay Out! 4 Ways To Prevent Radon Gas Exposure In Your New Home

If you're in the process of planning your new home, you should make sure the plans include radon protection. Radon is a poisonous gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer – coming just behind tobacco use. The best way to protect your family from the dangers of radon gas is to incorporate safety features right into the construction of your home. Here are four steps you should talk to your contractor about to ensure your family is protected against radon in your new home.

Gas Permeable Layer

If your new home is going go to be built on a concrete slab foundation, you should have a gas permeable layer – such as clean gravel – placed under the concrete. The gravel will act as a protective layer, insulating the foundation from soil gases that can build up and seep into your home. Once the gravel is in place, a layer of plastic sheeting should be placed over it. This will lock the soil gases in place. The gas permeable layer and the plastic sheeting will remain in place under the concrete to stop radon gas from seeping into your home.


Radon gas that builds up under your home will need a place to go. That's where the vent comes in. A vent pipe should be placed in the gas permeable layer and run up the side of the house through to the roof. The vent attached on your roof will allow the radon gas to filter where it can safely dissipate.


Once the framework of your home has been built, the bottom edges of the frame should be caulked and sealed. Drain pipes should also be caulked where they enter the home. The caulking will form a protective seal that will prevent radon gas from seeping in under the frame.

Radon Reduction System

The final part of your home protection should be the radon reduction system. This system consists of a radon monitor, built-in fans, and an activation switch. The monitor will alert you if radon levels reach dangerous limits inside your home, which will allow you to activate the system. The fans will safely remove radon from inside your home.

If you're going to have your new home built, you'll want to ensure that it's protected against radon gases. Use the information provided here to make sure you take the necessary steps to keep radon out of your home. 

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