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Give Your Little Chef A Birthday Treat With A Restaurant Party

Foodies are getting younger all the time, and many of today's kids are getting familiar with the kitchen. If your child loves to cook and dreams of a career in the kitchen, consider making a dream come true with a restaurant birthday party where your child gets to be the master chef. Here's how. 

Choose a Space

You are going to want to have your party in a space with a large kitchen and an area where people can sit down to eat. If you have a large enough space at your house, that would be perfect. If not, think about renting a space from a community center or local church. Be sure to specify that you want to use the kitchen. 

Get Professional Supplies

Take your child to a restaurant equipment supplies store to find everything you need for food preparation. Arm your child with a budget and a list of necessities. 

Buy cooking supplies, but don't forget decorative items as well. You will want matching linens, for example, if you want your restaurant to look like the real thing. 

Create Menu Invitations

Print invitations in the form of a menu. Print the party information on top and then list food items that will be offered at your child's very own restaurant. 

For young or inexperienced chefs, choose something easy like tacos or nachos. You could even do the cooking in advance and let your little one assemble the dishes. Encourage older kids with a real passion for cooking to create complicated dishes that are sure to impress. 

Gather the Help

Invite close friends or siblings to help the birthday child in the kitchen. Let them know what their responsibilities will be, and instruct them to refer to the birthday child as "Chef", just like in a real restaurant. 

Get everyone a chef's jacket, a hat and gloves. 

You will also want to employ some party guests as waitstaff. Bring them aprons and notepads so they can really get into their roles. Guests can take turns waiting tables if there are too many. 

Don't Forget the Fanfare

At the party, be sure to make a big deal out of your cooking superstar. The guests should be encouraged to call the chef out of the kitchen for a round of applause, followed by birthday cake. 

Send Recipes 

A book of your child's favorite recipes makes the perfect party favor for your guests to take home and enjoy. 

Give your young chef a dream birthday party when you create a very personalized restaurant experience. Take lots of pictures. Maybe one will hang on the wall of your child's real restaurant one day.