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3 Ways To Have A Perfect Jazz Brunch Reception

Sunday jazz brunch is a common tradition often celebrated in the South. To add some southern flair to your wedding reception, why not host a jazz brunch for your guests? This is a fun and relaxing way to celebrate your big day with friends and family. The following are just a few ideas you may want to consider:

Signature Drinks

If you are going to have a jazz brunch, you must have a signature cocktail to go along with it. Since it is a jazz brunch, consider adding some southern flair to brunch drinks that you already love. For instance, serve a Bloody Mary with extra garlic, horseradish, and cayenne pepper for those who are looking for a kick. You can garnish it with a few boiled shrimp or smoked sausage links.

If you prefer a sweeter drink, have a fancier version of a Mimosa. Instead of orange juice, have your bartender make it with the juice of Satsumas, a very delicious citrus fruit that is commonly used in southern recipes. Also, be sure to have some hot coffee and tea made in the South to have on hand for guests who do not prefer to drink a cocktail.

Appetizers With a New Orleans Flair

Since New Orleans is the unofficial home of jazz, you can consider serving appetizers that are typical of that region. A traditional jazz brunch will include appetizers such as fried beignets topped with crab salad, boiled shrimp skewers with remoulade sauce, and fried oysters on small pieces of French bread. You can also serve small shooters of crawfish bisque, Creole cream cheese wontons, and a selection of artisanal cheeses from New Orleans.

Buffet Style Entrees

When it comes to entrees, serving buffet style is the easiest and often seen at most jazz brunches. Have traditional brunch items on the buffet, including bacon and eggs, potatoes, breads and all sorts of condiments. You can also have an omelet station at your buffet with delicious options significant of the region for your guests to choose from. Offer blue crab meat, green onions, Andouie sausage, garlic, and any other fun add-ins that you like. For a sweet twist, have a waffle bar with pecans, bananas cooked in rum and brown sugar, and praline topping along with regular butter and syrup.

The bread table should include French bread, southern biscuits, and corn muffins. Be sure to have jams, honey, and mustards made in New Orleans and the South for your guests to enjoy.

A jazz brunch can be a very fun event that all guests will enjoy. If you are from New Orleans or love the area, think back to some of your favorite dishes from the area and ask your caterer, such as Grand Street Cafe, to adapt them for your brunch. You will no doubt have a memorable day that you will remember forever.