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3 Totally Creative Kitchen Uses For Empty Coffee Pods

Snap in a coffee pod and brew up your favorite cup of joe in the morning, but before you toss that tiny plastic container in the trash, you should know that these little wonders can be repurposed in all kinds of fun ways in your kitchen. Rinse out those keurig k cups and other coffee pods, allow them to dry, and allow them to accumulate for a little while. When you have a few on hand, you should consider these nifty kitchen ideas. 

Plant your own mini herb garden. 

Poke tiny holes in the bottoms of empty coffee pod containers, fill them with planting compound, and pop in a few seeds of your most used kitchen herbs. These cups may be small, but there are many herbs that don't need much space at all to grow, such as sage or clove. You can set these tiny planters in your kitchen window for sunlight and snip off tidbits of the plants as they grow. Not only is this convenient, the tiny planted herb garden adds a lively touch to your kitchen area and will provide an aromatic fragrance as well. 

Use the tiny coffee pods to pack condiments in your lunch bag. 

Packing a baked potato, salad, or other dish for lunch and don't have room for a full bottle of dressing or stick of margarine? Whip out an empty coffee pod and fill it with the condiments you need for your lunch bag. The tiny cups can be sealed off with a small piece of plastic wrap and hold just enough of most condiments to have with one dish. Plus, they can just be tossed in the trash when you're done with them, so you are not packing along extra containers that just have to be washed later on. 

Make frozen herb cubes with coffee pods. 

If you have some fresh herbs that you would like to preserve before they wilt, making fresh herb ice cubes is an excellent way to save the herbs and spices for later dishes. Simply plug the tiny hole on the bottom of each coffee pod with a piece of tape or dot of hot glue, fill each one with water, and add the chopped herbs of your choosing to the pod. Set these in a cookie sheet in the freezer until frozen and then drop the cubes into a freezer baggy for storage. The cubes can be added to soups, casseroles, and other dishes in a snap.