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Two Dishes You Should Include On Your Luau Catering Menu

When you're planning a luau party to bring a touch of the islands to your next celebration, you need to make sure that the menu fits the part. Before you book a caterer, take some time to think about the types of dishes you want to serve to see if you can manage it yourself. Focus on spotlighting those tropical flavors so that you really embrace the theme of the evening. Here are two ideas for dishes that you can add to your menu.

Hawaiian Fried Rice

Hawaiian fried rice is a unique dish because it combines many of the traditional flavors of the islands. The foundation, white rice, is a staple in many Hawaiian dishes, too. Start with a large batch of white rice cooked in a lightly sweetened broth or water.

Once the rice is soft, stir in sauteed vegetables like chopped carrot, onion, and green peas. Then, mix in some scrambled, fast-cooked egg. Season the whole thing with a light touch of sesame oil and some soy sauce. You can even add in some pineapple for a sweet component.

Serve this type of dish in a large steamer-like container. That way, you have consistent moisture to help keep the rice from sticking. Otherwise, the rice could stick and make it hard to serve.

Tropical Island Pilaf

Another great rice-based side dish you can serve at your luau party is a tropical island pilaf. Cook some wild rice so that it is just tender. Don't overcook it, because rice can become mushy when you cook it too long. You want the rice to hold up among all of the flavors in the dish. Cook the rice itself in coconut water or something similar to infuse extra flavor.

Lightly cook some diced yellow and red peppers in a little bit of coconut oil. Add some golden raisins and toss the whole thing with the rice. Mix in some chopped macadamia nuts as well as some diced pineapple Stir in a splash of coconut milk to help keep the whole thing from drying out.

These dishes are built around many of the flavors that are synonymous with the islands. If you're looking to host a luau that spotlights those ingredients, these are two dishes that are must-haves on your menu. If you're not confident in your skills to reproduce dishes like these for your party, ask your luau catering service if they can add them to the menu for you.