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Stick To Your Gluten-Free Diet During Your Next Steakhouse Visit With These Tips

Whether you follow a gluten-free diet because of an allergy or intolerance or you're simply trying to reduce your caloric intake by cutting out foods that contain this protein commonly found in wheat, dining out requires you to be careful about what you order and, when in doubt, ask your server to check with the kitchen for ingredient information. If you're planning a steakhouse visit, the good news is that you'll be able to enjoy a wide range of items, including your favorite cuts of beef, mashed potatoes and more. However, you'll also have to be mindful of how you order to make sure you don't inadvertently end up with something that contains gluten. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Be Careful With Salad

On the surface, it might not seem that the salad you order will contain gluten, but you'll need to be a little careful about your choice. Caesar salad typically contains croutons which, of course are glutenous. Given that many steakhouse kitchen staff sprinkle the croutons onto salads individually, you shouldn't have trouble asking your server for a salad without the croutons added. With garden salads, make sure to specify that you don't want your dressing to contain gluten. Some salad dressings surprisingly include small amounts of gluten.

Some Appetizers Are A No-Go

There are many standard steakhouse appetizers that you'll still be able to eat, including a shrimp cocktail or platter of bacon-wrapped scallops, but there are others that are best to avoid. Fried calamari is often breaded before being fried, while escargots will often be topped with a crumbled mixture that includes breadcrumbs.

Order Your Veggies Plain

Stuffed mushrooms are a dish that you might enjoy at the steakhouse alongside your favorite cut of meat, but you'll need to adjust the way you order this dish. The stuffing often contains breadcrumbs, so you won't want to eat it. Instead, simply ask for some pan-fried mushrooms instead.

Adjust Your Soup Order

If you decide to start your meal with a savory bowl of soup, you may need to make a slight adjustment to your order. Fresh onion soup, in particular, is common at many steakhouses but is best to avoid because it contains a piece of bread atop it. Of course, you can still order the soup without the bread, and just ask to have the cheese melted directly onto the top of the soup. Be wary of vegetable soups, as some may contain pasta. Go to website to plan your visit.