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Properly Storing Whole Bean Colombian Coffee

If you enjoy drinking Colombian coffee, you have likely thought about storing up whole beans whenever you find they are on sale. There are a few steps to take to ensure the coffee beans remain fresh so they provide you with splendid cups of coffee after they are brewed. Here are steps to take when storing Columbian coffee beans.

Use Storage Containers Instead Of Commercial Packaging

Most whole coffee beans will not retain their freshness as long as when they are stored in the original packaging a supplier uses to contain them. It is best to invest in opaque containers with tight lids. If you use clear containers, light is able to penetrate through to the beans, possibly altering their flavor. Opaque containers help to keep direct light away from the beans. They also help in keeping out pests. Test the lid for secureness after placing the coffee beans inside of a container.

Purchase The Right Amount Of Beans For Your Use

Instead of purchasing a large number of beans at one time, it is wiser to search for containers within your usage capabilities. Storing a few smaller bags of beans inside containers lets you enjoy coffee at its freshest rather than using up a big batch of beans with the same expiration date. You can then continuously purchase smaller quantities to keep a flow of the freshest beans possible in your storage area. When you purchase bags, label them with pieces of masking tape indicating the expiration dates of the beans. You can then use these dates as a reference. Always use beans that will expire first so you do not lose a batch due to the possibility of unfreshness. 

Avoid Moisture And Heat When Storing

In addition to illumination altering the taste of coffee beans, moisture and heat also cause beans to be less than ideal. Keep coffee beans in an area where they are not subjected to the possibility of moisture of any kind. If you have them stored in containers, place the receptacles away from pipes or the potential for a precipitation event. Heat also affects the taste of coffee beans. Coffee beans need to be stored in a cool location for freshness. For this reason, instead of storing your coffee beans in your kitchen where heat is likely when you cook, bring them to your basement, a crawlspace, or your garage where humidity is less prevalent.

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