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Buy A Few Large Commercial Restauraunt Appliances? Get A Tune-Up, Inspection, Cleaning And Repairs Done Before Use

If you are interested in purchasing some commercial-grade kitchen appliances in the auction and you aren't sure about the condition, have a restaurant appliance repairs professional look at units once you get them into your commercial space. Buying used commercial appliances is a great way to save money, especially if you are starting a new business or don't have the funds to buy brand new.

The appliance repair professionals don't just do repairs, but can clean and tune up the units as well. Get a cost from a couple of different repair professionals for the following services.  

Inspection and Tune-Up

There are a lot of things that the repair team will do when inspecting the interior mechanical components of the appliances. During a tune-up, the following may be needed:

  • Cleaning condensers
  • Check gaskets
  • Air blow internal chambers to clear dust and debris
  • Check oven temperatures
  • Test refrigerator, ice box, and freezer temperatures
  • Examine gas pipes and pilots
  • Safety tests

After the inspection the appliance repair professional will know what needs repaired, what is safe and what is a hazard.  The service inspection and tune-up should be a set quote price for each appliance.


Request a separate quote for what needs to be done to each appliance. On each quote you should be able to find the following information:

  • Labor costs for repairs
  • Part price breakdown
  • Brand of parts being ordered

Ask if you have to pay for a service fee on the repair visit since you have already paid for an inspection and tune-up, or if you only have to pay for the labor for the repairs.

The timeline for getting the exact parts that you need may be unpredictable. You may not be able to get every appliance repaired at the same time.

Internal Cleaning

Dirty exhaust vents, internal areas, and pipes can lead to odors, safety concerns, and more. Ask if there is also a cleaning service that you can get performed when you get the tune-up and inspection. This will make the used appliances clean, safe, and ready for use. The restaurant refrigeration repair services professional will be able to get food, buildup, bacteria, and more out of your appliances with a thorough cleaning. 

If you are making the purchase of a few large commercial kitchen appliances and you know that they will at least need to be tuned-up, and maybe even repaired, you will want to hire a professional right away. Find an appliance repair expert as quickly as you can, and schedule the work in case you have to order a lot of parts for the used appliances.