Two Dishes You Should Include On Your Luau Catering Menu

When you're planning a luau party to bring a touch of the islands to your next celebration, you need to make sure that the menu fits the part. Before you book a caterer, take some time to think about the types of dishes you want to serve to see if you can manage it yourself. Focus on spotlighting those tropical flavors so that you really embrace the theme of the evening. [Read More]

Delicious Days Of Summer: Foods You May Not Know You Can Grill

When it comes to cooking meals in the summertime, it's often tempting to just order take-out, as using the stove or the oven in your home can make the inside temperature just too hot to handle. But eating out all the time is not only unhealthy, it's also incredibly expensive in a season where you're already paying extra to cool down your house. Enter your grill: a perfect place to cook food on without raising the temperature of your home. [Read More]

3 Totally Creative Kitchen Uses For Empty Coffee Pods

Snap in a coffee pod and brew up your favorite cup of joe in the morning, but before you toss that tiny plastic container in the trash, you should know that these little wonders can be repurposed in all kinds of fun ways in your kitchen. Rinse out those keurig k cups and other coffee pods, allow them to dry, and allow them to accumulate for a little while. When you have a few on hand, you should consider these nifty kitchen ideas. [Read More]

3 Ways To Have A Perfect Jazz Brunch Reception

Sunday jazz brunch is a common tradition often celebrated in the South. To add some southern flair to your wedding reception, why not host a jazz brunch for your guests? This is a fun and relaxing way to celebrate your big day with friends and family. The following are just a few ideas you may want to consider: Signature Drinks If you are going to have a jazz brunch, you must have a signature cocktail to go along with it. [Read More]