Four Reasons To Eat Gourmet Dark Chocolate

Sure, dark chocolate is like having your own little piece of heaven right in your mouth. However, this isn't the only reason you should eat it. You might be surprised to learn that there is literally a laundry list of reasons why a little dark chocolate doesn't hurt but actually helps when consumed in moderation. Mood Booster On a long, stressful day, chocolate can actually help boost your mood. Dark chocolate is equipped with natural endorphins, the chemical or signal in your brain that make you feel good. [Read More]

Easy Alternatives For Dairy Cheese And Sour Cream In Your Favorite Mexican Foods

If you have trouble digesting lactose, but love enchiladas with sour cream and plenty of cheese, it is important for you to learn about dairy alternatives that will please your palate without prompting an unpleasant reaction. Although there are a wide variety of soy products currently available, adverse reactions to soy are not uncommon. Therefore, the following information about easy items you can make at home from coconut and almond milk will be very helpful. [Read More]

Sweet! Healthful Alternatives To Processed White Sugar

If you are looking to lose weight or feel better, cutting down on processed sugar is a great first step. Eliminating processed white sugar can also help you to level-out your insulin level and could improve the performance of your pancreas, particularly if you are prone to diabetes. Look for healthier options when seeking something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some alternatives to white sugar include: Coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is a plant-based sweetener that fits in vegan and vegetarian diets. [Read More]

Popular Desserts Served In Mexican Restaurants

When you think of Mexican food, the first things that come to mind may include tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. While these foods are very popular in Mexican restaurants, delicious desserts are also a part of Mexican cuisine as well. Regardless of whether your prefer rich creamy desserts or light fruity sweets, it is easy to find the perfect dessert to satisfy your craving. These are some of the different types of desserts that are commonly served in Mexican restaurants. [Read More]