Give Your Little Chef A Birthday Treat With A Restaurant Party

Foodies are getting younger all the time, and many of today's kids are getting familiar with the kitchen. If your child loves to cook and dreams of a career in the kitchen, consider making a dream come true with a restaurant birthday party where your child gets to be the master chef. Here's how.  Choose a Space You are going to want to have your party in a space with a large kitchen and an area where people can sit down to eat. [Read More]

4 Healthy Vegetarian Foods To Make With Your Food Processor

If you just got a food processor and are looking for some vegetarian meals to make, then this list will help get you started. There are some quick and easy nut butters and sauces, along with a delicious Indian style lentil soup. All of them are completely vegetarian and are easy to make in your electric food processor. Sun Dried Tomato Hummus Hummus is a protein packed dip that is made with a healthy fat (olive oil). [Read More]

Stay Out! 4 Ways To Prevent Radon Gas Exposure In Your New Home

If you're in the process of planning your new home, you should make sure the plans include radon protection. Radon is a poisonous gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer – coming just behind tobacco use. The best way to protect your family from the dangers of radon gas is to incorporate safety features right into the construction of your home. Here are four steps you should talk to your contractor about to ensure your family is protected against radon in your new home. [Read More]

Three Catering Dining Styles To Consider For Your Next Event

Whether you are planning a corporate event, a wedding reception, or a graduation party, the food and refreshments offered are one of the most important aspects. Before deciding on a catering service, however, it's best to decide what kind of dining service would be best for your particular event. While the plated dinner remains a popular choice, here are three other styles to consider for your affair. Cocktail Party This style dining service has become increasingly popular in recent years. [Read More]